Handbags and handmade articles in Barcelona

Our vision

We want to be a reference of the “slow fashion” concept and the “handmade”, creating timeless and practical designs, unique pieces made with materials chosen to be original and unusual, that have a special, different detail, making short productions.

Our values

We want you to feel the exclusivity, because we make few units of each model, even sometimes unique pieces, so that you really wear something special.

We want you to take a bit of Barcelona with you; we believe on “Km. 0” philosophy. We design and produce by hand in Barcelona. Just as we want it to be!

¿Who is behind Peter & Wolf BCN?

Peter & Wolf BCN was born in the spring of 2015, inspired by the sun of Barcelona and the scent of the pines of Parc Güell.

Marco Cárdenas, architect and graphic designer, decided to turn his professional career around. He loves handbags, and just as he imagines them for him, he creates them for you: practical bags and backpacks, resistant, lightweight and with a different and timeless design.

When he sews, sometimes he decides the details on the fly, pampering every detail, every turn of the fabric, every rivet and every ribbon …

Marco is always looking for different and unusual fabrics for a shopping bag or a handbag. Sometimes the fabrics are exhausted, or they were small exquisite remnants that we no longer find. That’s why we offer a very small number of units per model.

As Marco is the artist, a commercial and marketing mind was needed, and that’s where Miguel Pujol, expert in marketing and communication, appears to make the brand known: in social networks, in pop up & design markets, in some local designers store… So, if you like Peter & Wolf BCN, you can find us on the Internet but also on the street.