Different and original.

In Peter & Wolf BCN we work with different and original fabrics, unusual for a bag or a backpack.

Practical, resistant, light fabrics, with a good range of colours and above all that allow us to make very urban and timeless designs. To be a wardrobe staple and combine with your different styles and looks.

Take a look at these videos to learn more about the fabrics.

3D technical fabric

  • Highly breathable and lightweight fabric thanks to its mesh weave.

  • Commonly used in sports footwear and on the back of backpacks.

  • It is very strong, flexible and durable.

  • Cleaning: wash at 30° and air dry. Hardly any ironing is required.

3D fabric black
3D fabric Eiffel gray
3D fabric carbon gray
3D fabric brown
Tejido 3D verde petróleo
3D fabric pine green
Tejiido 3D Burdeos
Tejido 3D beige
Tejido 3D azul royal

Fabric Sport 3D Max

  • This new 3D brings a lot of structure to the parts thanks to its larger and more pronounced circles. Visually it makes an impact with its texture and slightly metallic colours, with the holes highlighted in black, resulting in a more technological line.

  • Like 3D, it is breathable and lightweight.

  • Strong, flexible and highly durable.

  • Cleaning: wash at 30° and air dry. Virtually no ironing required.

Tejido Sport 3D Max Indigo
Tejido Sport 3D Max Grafito
Tejido Sport 3D Max Salvia

Seatech Nautical Fabric

  • Fabric used in outdoor furniture in the nautical sector

  • Resistance and robustness: withstands direct sunlight and sea salt.

  • It is completely waterproof and does not warp.

  • Easy cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth or some neutral soap.

Tejido náutico azul marino
Tejido náutico violeta
Tejido náutico camel
Tejido náutico gris carbón
Tejido náutico marrón
Tejido Náutico Seatech color teja
Tejido náutico rojo coral

Motorbike Fabric

  • Fabric used in motorbike seat upholstery.

  • It is highly resistant to chafing and puncture.

  • It is fully waterproof.

  • The embossing on the fabric provides more texture, making it easier to grip

  • Its matt finish with a slight embossing gives it a “tech” look.

  • Easy cleaning: wipe with a damp cloth or some neutral soap.

TEjido de asiento de moto negro